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A bridal shower on a budget? Yes, really!

A bridal shower on a budget?  Yes, really!


Eleanora is 27, a homeowner and works at a small local bank down the street as an assistant manager.  She spends pretty much all of her free time spinning at the gym.  Life isn’t overtly busy, but it’s pretty full.  When Anita asked to be her Maid of Honor, she excitedly put herself in charge of the bridal shower. But… found herself repeatedly staying up until 2am trying to find cool and different ideas to pull off a fun shower, that wouldn’t assault her bank account.

We’ve all fallen into this, at one point or another. Themes and decorations can become yawn-boring, but it’s hard to think of something that is both thoughtful, unique and suits the Brides personality. Here are 6 simple tips to go the extra mile when decorating a bridal shower.

Choose an Appropriate Location

Does the bride like big get togethers or does she prefer something small and intimate? This should be the first thing to consider when arranging a bridal shower. If you are planning on having a lot of invitees, renting a venue may be the best option. Especially to make sure you have enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and lots of room if you decide to host some games or dancing!  You may be able to negotiate not paying for the venue if you have a cash bar and pre-order appetizers.  Make sure that if you plan to bring a cake, it is cleared with management beforehand.  Parking and accessibility is a huge consideration for attendees, make a list of everything you require before booking a venue.

Pick a Theme

Why not get friends and family involved in making the decorations for the bridal shower. Choose a theme that suits the bride-to-be. Think of anything the bride is passionate about or some of her favorite hobbies. Maybe she loves going to the beach or has always dreamed of travelling to Paris? Pick a theme that the bride will have fun with, and why not go a little out there”, after all there’s enough time for formalities at the wedding.

Garnish with Flowers

No bridal shower is complete without flowers! Choose a flowers that fits the theme, or at least the color. Flowers will help bring the theme of the bridal shower to life.  Maybe you’re having an outdoor lunch, with a French Country theme.  White linen, grandma’s china and cutlery, and centerpieces of yellow tea roses. You can even attach a handwritten card to a fresh or dried prig bouquet at each place setting.  To make it extra special, the Bride can hand write personalized notes on the place setting cards, an endearing memory, or even an inside joke if you are feeling more light-hearted and fun.

Make a Welcome Sign

First impressions are everything and you want the bride to be taken aback when she arrives at the venue. Create a welcome sign with the bride’s name at the entrance of the room with a personalized message. Decorate the sign with some “Mr. and Mrs.” Or “She Said Yes” balloons.  Balloons are being the “big thing” in event decorating, and they can provide quite a visual punch.

All the trimmings

Go out and grab some table and chair covers for the shower. You can find rentals for very reasonable, and there’s nothing like a beautiful visual when you enter a room.  If you are holding the shower outdoors, folding chairs to match your theme is a safe way to go.  Be prepared and have a back-up plan for rain or cooler weather, have a tent rental ready to go, or an indoor space that can be used last minute.

Some fun stuff

Find some small boxes you can decorate and place them around the venue.  Have guests anonymously provide advice to the bride, and have her read them aloud.  Who knows what they’ll come up with!

The bridal shower is the last girls get-together with the bride as a single gal.  Have fun, enjoy and celebrate your friendships, and most of all, make it something she’ll never forget… without breaking the bank.

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