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Every Business Owner has a WHY

You’ve seen the meme “They’ll call you crazy until you do it, then they’ll ask you how you did it.”. I experienced a bit of the negative responses in the early stages Event Services Hub. I was told there was competition – hey nothing is exclusively unique in this day-and-age, but I knew I could design it better. I had a business coach (not mine) make the statement, “do you actually think anyone would use that!?”. My response was not discouragement or self-doubt, but rather quite grateful I didn’t have someone like this “supporting” me in my business. All to say, I truly believed in what I was creating.

Why? The problems I encountered when trying to arrange Networking Events, Fundraisers and get togethers with family and friends was not unique to me. I see all over social media, “anyone know of a place that…”, “can anyone recommend a company that…”. People spend an enormous amount of time googling and asking for recommendations for products, services and venues they need to pull off their events. Whether it’s a wedding, kids party, corporate function, festival, the challenge is the same; endless googling, searching the websites that came up in google, only to find that their site really doesn’t provide the information you’re looking for, email/call, take copious quantity of notes on your search – I could go on! Sound familiar?

I knew I could solve the problem, and in a way others had not. We created the platform to cater to what people are looking for, not for a specific type of event like the Wedding sites that cater only to wedding vendors. I wanted to create a one-stop-shop, so that anyone looking to arrange a special occasion, party, or event, regardless of how intimate or large, could find the vendors they needed, and not have to go to their websites, or take notes, or have to track their budgets manually, and keep a record of the vendors used and budget for each of their events indefinitely.

After 2.5 long years the final touches are being completed on the site, and although we have been live for a while it feels like we’re there!
Come on over and take a look, it’s completely free to use. Yes, 100% free.

“You just can’t google that sh^t”


Event Services Hub

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