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YOU HAVE THE PERFECT OUTFIT, so let’s make sure you have the perfect, “never out of fashion” accessory….glowing skin of course! Here’s some tips to make sure you’re ready for prime time, and lights, camera, action!

Start at least six weeks in advance, but if your event is “bride to be”, then you’ll definitely want to start several months in advance to be glowing for those “for ever” photos.

First things first. It might seem ho-hum! but it’s vitally important to know your skin – it’s type, it’s condition, & how it fares under stress – we’ve all been visited by that unwanted stress-induced pustular guest, or suffered nervous sleep that leaves our skin looking drab. Once you know your skin, what affects it, and how it reacts, then you’ll know what suitable treatments you need to give your skin glowing results – always. Make sure to visit your favourite aesthetician for a facial with skin analysis and consultation, then you can confidently plot your glowing skin plan. And here’s an overview…..

A good “event ready” skin plan has all assertive treatments being done first, such as dermaplaning, a chemical peel, or microneedling, microdermabrasion, etc, etc, and moves towards the more gentle treatments nearer the event date – eg Vit C booster, radiance boosting masks, and such like.

More assertive treatments may slightly stress the skin, may cause a mild inflammatory response, or even bring out congestion, so you need time to prep the skin and allow it to rebalance itself. And a caution: because of these potential “unknowns”, it’s unwise to have these treatments in the last few weeks before your event, particularly if you haven’t had that treatment before.

In addition to spa facials and skin treatments with your favourite professional, you’ll enhance results by doing at-home weekly treatment masks: say, cleansing clay mask for oily t-zones mixed with a detox or hydrating mask everywhere else on the face. Or if you’re dry/combination, do a cleansing clay where needed and a lipid rich mask elsewhere.

In the week before your event, do a light exfoliation followed by a hydration mask. Overarching these last 2 weeks, think hydration, hydration, and did I say, hydration! And let’s not forget massage. It boosts circulation, it tones, decongests, and relaxes muscles and relieves tension being held in the face thereby softening the facial contours.

Throughout all it’s vital to have an excellent, absolutely-every-day skin care regime. It pays huge dividends. Skin is a living organism, affected by the world it thrives in. Religiously cleanse morning and evening – no exceptions – and always follow with toner, hydration, serums, and a cream.

And we can’t forget good food, good sleep, good hydration (internal and external) – all essential elements of your skin care arsenal.

With your plan accomplished, all that’s left is to slip into that perfect outfit, confident you’re perfectly accessorised…… glowing skin of course.

Yours in healthy skin

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