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It’s Valentine’s Day… OMG I’M SINGLE!

It’s Valentine’s Day… OMG I’M SINGLE!
It’s 7am and your alarm clock is blaring. Groggily, you get out of bed and walk down the stairs to the kitchen. You look at the calendar and then it hits you; today’s the day. The day all your single friends have been dreading. The day where YOU bought yourself roses 4 years ago. The day Brent O’Connor stood you up at the movies in the sixth grade. That’s right; today is Valentine’s day.

You make yourself some coffee and sit down at the kitchen table. You log onto Facebook only to be reminded by an excess number of photos how in looove everyone is. Oh, and look at that. Sally just posted about how she is expecting her first child. You scoff; the closest you’re getting to having a child is the food baby you’ll grow after indulging in chocolate all day.

You close your laptop and ponder for a few moments. You decide that this is enough. Today you need to plan the best Valentine’s ever for you and your girlfriends. You call your friends and invite them to your house later to celebrate the oh so dreadful day of the year.

You open your freezer and find one tub of ice-cream. Well, that will most definitely not be enough ice-cream to feed a group of dejected single girls on Valentine’s. Feeling exasperated, you think of ways you can still make today special. How can you and your girlfriends make today the best day possible?

It’s Valentine’s Day… OMG I’M SINGLE!Wine, Champagne and MORE Wine

Bring on the cocktails, ladies! The first thing that is essential to every Valentine’s day celebration is a bottle of wine. Or two. Maybe even 4 for your sake. Getting out a few fancy glasses and having some drinks ready to go for the night will be a sure way to have some fun. Just be careful, after the first two glasses of wine you may have to listen to Jessica complain about her ex-boyfriend again.

It’s Valentine’s Day… OMG I’M SINGLE!Relaxation and Comfort

Valentine’s day calls for all the pampering and self-love possible. So how do you pamper yourself whilst staying at home to avoid bumping into a sea of couples? Why not have the relaxation come to you by ordering a mobile spa! You and your girlfriends will be able to rejuvenate by being spoiled with massages, mani-pedis and facial treatments.

It’s Valentine’s Day… OMG I’M SINGLE!Unveiling what the Future Holds

The perfect way to lighten up the mood and provide some entertainment is to hire a psychic for the night. Have the psychic come in for a few hours and do readings for each of your friends. Maybe you’ll meet someone special soon? Or perhaps you will get a raise at work? You and your friends will be sure to have a blast listening to what the future holds.

What ever you do, do what you enjoy and do it for YOU!


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