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Kids, Carnivals and Backyards, Oh My!

Kids, Carnivals and Backyards, Oh My!


Kids parties really can be fun for everyone!  Another year, another birthday party. Turning a year older is one of the most exciting times of the year for children and as parents, we want to find the best way to celebrate their special day. If your child is like most kids, they love to be entertained and will find any chance they can to indulge in some sweets. Lucky for you, there’s a place where kids do just that; the carnival. And, what better way to make all your children’s dreams come true than to bring the carnival to them!

Hand-crafted Invitations

When planning your child’s dream birthday party, first sit down with them and see who they would like to invite. In the invitation it is important to include the length of the party, what the children will be doing and the recommended attire. Most experts say that 2 hours is just enough time for a birthday party. One way to get into the carnival theme is to make invitations designed as admission tickets or a circus tent; children love crafting and will be delighted to create their own invites!


To keep a group of children amused at a birthday party, it is a great idea to hire the help of one or two entertainers. Hiring a circus performer is the perfect way to make the children feel like they are at a real carnival. Circus performers are an interactive source of entertainment and will keep the kids in awe with their tricks and talents. Some performers that your child may be interested in are: mimes, jugglers, clowns, stilt walkers, balloon artists, face painters or fire performers.

Kids Fun Zone

No carnival is complete without some games! Make sure to set up some classic games such as pin the tail on the donkey, ring toss, bean bag toss, musical chairs and three-legged races. You will also want to set up a booth with all sorts of prizes (stuffed animals, candies, small toys). The catch here is that the winner of every game gets a ticket. The children can use the tickets they win to redeem prizes; the bigger prizes are worth more tickets!

Treats and Goodies

In between all the running around, the kids will be on the lookout for some treats to snack on. Hiring a kid’s catering service to come to the birthday will be a perfect way to feed all your guests without the hassle of making the food on your own! A professional catering service will also ensure all food is made safely and will be able to accommodate for any potential allergies/intolerances. Some carnival themed foods to consider for the birthday are: popcorn, hotdogs, cupcakes, pizza, candy apples, cotton candy, pretzels and snow cones.

Planning a birthday party is very exciting for your little one and as parents we want to make sure their day is flawless. A carnival themed party encompasses everything children love and will be sure to keep them busy all day. The real challenge will be putting your child to bed after that sugar rush!

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