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Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a Destination Wedding
As a Destination Wedding Specialist, I’m absolutely giddy when a couple contacts me inquiring about a destination wedding. I love planning these types of weddings. For me it means, the couple gets the chance to celebrate their love with close friends and family in an area special to them.

I advise clients to start planning and book their destination wedding about a year in advance – that doesn’t mean it is not possible to do it in a shorter time.

When planning a destination wedding, you have two options: a symbolic wedding or legal wedding. I’m going to focus on the latter.

You need to make sure you understand the documentation requirements for the country, or even Province you are planning as your destination. For example, most Caribbean islands will require a valid passport, an original Birth Certificate, proof of marital status and if 2nd marriage and proof of divorce or death certificate for your previous spouse. These documents will need to be translated to the local language – in most cases Spanish. Some countries have specific additional rules. For instance, in Puerto Rico and Mexico you will need to take a blood test and arrive two to four days prior to the wedding. For easy options, you may want to consider that you are able to marry any day of the week in Mexico, you can have a legal Catholic ceremony in Dominican Republic and Jamaica conducts weddings in English. These are just a few
considerations which may be important to you and your future spouse. The paperwork can be complicated, but destination wedding specialists are best able to help!

We work with couples to plan every aspect of their destination weddings, including: venue, decor, photographer, the meals, accommodations for your guests and any special needs any of the party may have. If you are thinking of getting married on a Caribbean island or another exotic location, you will be in good hands with a destination wedding specialist!

Happy Planning.

Karolina Fernandes

Owner/Certified Wedding Coordinator

Diamonds Wedding Planner

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