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Your Wedding Website


Your Wedding Website is a place you can gather all the information about your big day.  You repeat the same information verbally to so many, it’s easy to miss vital information to relay.  Here are some tips for what to include when setting up your website.

Your Wedding Dashboard

You have full access to manage your Wedding Website in your Wedding Dashboard, under My Account.  You can even track your budget and vendors in the Events Dashboard.  All free for you to take advantage of!


You can upload any links you wish to share, and title them so that your guests don’t have to guess what they are related to.

You can include items such as, a link to your Wedding Registry and the location of your Ceremony.  If you have out of town guests, provide a link to the hotel of choice, or a number of recommended hotels, as well as restaurants.

Map It

Make sure you add a location to the map.  Most couples will use this for their Wedding Reception.


You can upload PDF files, which can be used for items like, your wedding gift choices, the dinner menu, and seating plans.  Any information which you would like to share.  Don’t forget to give each one a Title!

Let’s make conversation!

You can have conversations directly on your website with guests on your website, in the Comments.

Feeling a little private?

Wedding couples can add a password to their website so that only people invited onto their site can access it.  All Wedding Websites will be found in the Searches, however only those searchers with a user account will be able to access the individual Wedding Websites.  If you’ve password protected your website, your invites will only need to enter the password once.  The system will remember them!

Your Story

Give your guests a small glimpse of your love story, but use the About Our Wedding to share important details such as dress code, if your day is adults only, and other such details which takes the pressure of you to have to relay all the details.  Don’t forget to give them the hashtag to use, if you have one.

Pictures & Videos

Upload your favorite engagement photos and if you have any videos of the engagement party.  People love to see them!


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