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Wedding Couples can build their Wedding Page to share with friends and family.  Tell them about your wonderful journey with Engagement Pictures and Videos.  You can provide any information you wish to share in the About Our Wedding.  You will also have the ability to provide links on your page for things like, your Bridal Registry, recommended hotels for out of town guests, etc., as well as a map to the main event, whether that is to the church or the reception hall.  You can even upload a PDF file if you would like to share further information such as your invitation or dinner menu.  You and your guests can also communicate about the wedding in the Comments area of your page.  Want to keep your page Private for only those you invite to view it?  You are able to set a password and share it with those you with to view it.


Guests will be able to search Weddings in Event Services Hub, however to view a Wedding Page, they will need to have an Event Services Hub Account (free).